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PDFCreator 2.2.2

PDFCreator Review:

 There are many instances when you need to convert your document created in MS Word or LibreOffice or any other editors into a PDF file so that it can be shared over the internet without any issues of compromising with the format and styles used during the creation of your document. It is also a good way to store documents that can be used several years later using an Acrobat Reader or any other PDF reader that uses the same engine as Adobe. PDFCreator is a wonderful application that supports various formats of input file types and produces portable PDF files.


 - PDFCreator supports a wide range of file formats like .doc, .docx, .odt, .odf and many more. The software can also convert the documents into other formats suitable for web applications like converting your documents to jpeg, png and tif. These are picture formats and are most suitable when you don't want to worry about missing font files from your system.
 - The software is completely and 100% free. It also comes with additional programs like PDF Editor that helps you even edit your documents after converting into a PDF. This is most suitable for rotating, detecting, inserting and merging several documents together into a single PDF file.


 The user control and security is a major need when sharing documents so that you have the complete control over your work and others cannot copy, print or edit your the original documents without your permission. Intellectual theft is a major flaw of the IT industry and you need to be wary of such malpractices.
 - It allows you to provide passwords to open and edit its contents. You can also provide password protection for copying, highlighting, or printing your documents.
 - Additionally, you can also secure your files with 128 bit AES encryption. This is very useful for unauthorized access and tampering.


 The current version from pdfforge is PDFCreator 2.1. There is also an advanced version called PDFCreator Plus that provides additional features for a price tag. It is an ad-free version and receives priority updates and feature updates. It is only available for PC users and supports Windows 8 with backward compatibility to Windows XP. The site still hosts PDFCreator 1.7.3 in case you have any problems with the current release. You can always revert back to the older version.

 It is a must requirement for any user that spends time writing and sharing content over the web.

Changes on the new version:
The JobID token now holds the Windows print job id. This is not unique over reboots though. The Counter token remains always unique.
The COM Interface now has a method PrintFile, to call the Windows Shell commands to print a file with PDFCreator.

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